Test Preparation

IELTS and PTE- Advance test preparation academy with library – free services to enrolled students

Admission abroad

Admission Abroad

This includes guidance and assistance in course selection, Institute selection, Country Selection and city selection


Visa Guidance

Pre Departure support – this includes information sessions on travel arrangement, challenges in airport for 1st time travellers, what to carry and not to carry,

Value added Services

  • Interview preparation – admission interview and visa interview
  • Tuition fee remittance – how to transfer fee safely and securely
  • Student Insurance -
  • Refunds – tuition fee refund guarantee
  • Education Loan-
  • Scholarships-
  • Travel Desk-
  • Student help group
  • Accommodation support-
  • Airport pick up
  • Post Landing services – Our post landing services includes regular visits to foreign countries to meet enrolled students in order to encourage them, support them and know their well being.
  • International Bank Account- open foreign bank account sitting at the comfort of home
  • Job Hub- Our job hub prepares students for jobs in foreign country by guiding them to acquire necessary skills, resume writing, how to find jobs,
  • Online Platform- documentation and processing a the comfort of sitting home saves time